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Rock "N" Ray Michaels, Michelle Quinn and Rick from Hutch’s  at Beach Party 15.


Rock "N" Ray Michaels performs with Pauly and the Greaseballs


CKOC'S Rock "N" Ray Michaels with Captain Wright of the Saphire Princess at the Captain’s VIP Party. WHATTTT... Rock "N" Ray Michaels in a Tuxedo!!


The Grand Finale Cruise with the Back Alley Cruisers Mississauga  that was held out front of Roxy's Diner . CSRA events director strikes a pose with Rock “N” Ray Michaels


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RaysmallerHe's Rockin' 24/7.....Canada's #1 Oldies Disc-Jockey.....He's Known as Canada's Modern Day Wolfman Jack!!! Rock "N" Ray Michaels has graced the Radio Air-Waves for 33 years, and he continues to Rock today... Rock "N" Ray worked the Toronto Radio Scene for 10 years, and moved on to Rock & Roll with Canada's #1 Oldies Station...Oldies 1150 CKOC in Hamilton Ontario 23 years ago. He's Zany...He's Wild...He loves to Party but most of all...Rock "N" Ray Michaels Loves to Rock n Roll...He's a Toronto Boy who still lives in the Concrete Jungle...and he entertains the masses...with a Live Stream around the world, Rock "N" Ray Michaels has a very unique & large following...Rock "N" Ray Michaels is also one of the members of Toronto’s Sensational and Very Popular 50's...60's...& 70s show...Pauly and the Greaseballs...Canada's Answer to Rock N Roll !!!

Its Really hard to find a job as most would call it, where you get paid to have a Blast!!!   On the other hand there is a lot of hard work that I do for the community and surrounding areas, and that takes up quite a bit of my free (little) time that I do have left at the end of the day.  I've been in Showbiz for 33 years and I would not trade it for anything.  I find it hard sometimes when there is hardship in peoples lives to try and entertain and be the friend they need on the Radio.... Many Radio Fans relate to me as a friend, and I try to make people smile and forget their problems with everyday it for only a minute, if I can get you to smile, then I've affected your day in a great way, and made you smile. 
The toughest part in my life was when my dad died on June 28th, 2004. He was buried on July 2nd and I returned to the Radio Waves on Saturday July 3rd, 2004. The Rock "N" Ray Michaels Road Show was LIVE ON LOCATION the day after my Dad's funeral! My Dad was my Best and Greatest friend on the Planet.  I had returned to the Air Waves...trying desperatley not to breakdown was my toughest battle yet, and I knew that my Dad would be upset at the fact that I could not perform because of the nature of this situation, but like my Dad always said, sometimes when you walk you fall, and when you fall it can hurt, but you have to get right back up on your feet and move ahead, and I did. I have some very special people in my life that offered their support, and when it comes to friends, if they are true, theyhospital - group with mac will be there for you and I thank them for letting me lean on their shoulders.

 Its also very sad when you have a Great Following of Fans and you're informed of the passing of one these great listeners,  or when you have to break into programming for a special News Bulletin and there has been tragedy in our communities or around the world, that can always be tough, especially when you're the type of person who is always an "UP & GO GETTEM' kinda person.
I have had many Wonderful experiences working in the Radio Hosting crowds of 75,500 Fans at Bay Front Park...being Mobbed trying to get out of the CKOC Cruiser to shake some hands....Well.....thats not what was a Zoo of People all wanting to say hi at was like being hit with a tidal wave. Hosting some Concerts at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, and Copps Colliseum with 10s of thousands of screaming Fans..Yeah it sure is a great  business to be in...I love Radio...always have, and I always will, even though I've been thru many changes in this industry...once its in your can't shake the Radio Bug outta your system!!! I've been with CKOC now in my 23rd year, and I owe it all to CKOC's Nevin Grant for taking me under his wing back in 1976 and helping me to join the CKOC family in 1986.  I Love Oldies 1150 CKOC, and I love my Audience, the Greatest listeners in the world!!!!

You can listen to The Rock "N" Ray Michaels Road Show with Co-Host Michelle Quinn, weekday afternoons 12 noon to 6 pm,  Saturdays from 6am to noon, and Sunday afternoons noon to 6pm on Canada's #1 Oldies Station.. Oldies 1150 CKOC...On line around the world at


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